I made this music while producing podcasts for magazines including PC Gamer, Maximum PC, and Official Xbox Magazine. Several kind listeners asked me to release the songs, so here are some of my favorites. Though designed as brief transitions and themes, a few have been expanded beyond what you might have heard on the shows. All I ask is you abide by the Creative Commons license (now international and commercial-approved) and drop me an e-mail if you like them!

01 Game Theory 00:24
02 Phase One 01:38
03 DoBeDo 02:24
04 Blues Heaven 02:16
05 Just Blink (PCG Theme) 01:51
06 Slither 00:52
07 Eighty-Eight 00:59
08 Ghetto 00:59
09 Play 00:14
10 Yeeeeeeeeee 02:17
11 Game Theory (Reprise) 00:24
12 Rollout (Maximum PC Theme) 01:32
Creative Commons License
Podcast Fantastic by Jeremy Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Background photo by Alex Gonzalez.